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ChangeWebport on EBS R12.2   Leave a comment


In this post i will list out the steps to change the webport to 8000.

Step-1:Start only Weblogic admin

using  start on run file system

Login to Enterprise Manager(em) Console using below url

http://<hostname > . <domainname>:7001/em

Step-2:Navigate as shown below:


Click on Advanced Configuration as shown above

Step-3:select httpd.conf from the down as show in below figure:

Change OHS Listen PORT(Here i changed to 8000)



Run Context File Synchronization $AD_TOP/bin/ :

perl $AD_TOP/bin/ contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE

– Manually update the $CONTEXT_FILE if old port values are still present

-but in my case the values got updated to 8000


Run autoconfig.

Step-6: Stop adminserver using adadminsrvctl stop

Step7: Start all the services using



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