STARTCD has been released for R12.2   5 comments

STARTCD  has been released For R12.2 Stage

Size 725MB.cd51


Posted February 19, 2016 by in R12.2

5 responses to “STARTCD has been released for R12.2

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  1. Hi,

    When i am trying to install oracle apps R12.2 startCD51 at step 7 of 8 during installtion, screen went off and shows nothing.

    My Laptop configuration is

    Lenovo G50-70
    Ram —> DDR3 GB
    HDD —> 1 TB
    Process Speed —-> 1.9 GHZ

    • Hi Yogesh, 1.9 GHz is too slow. I would recommend you to go for i7 with 2.5GHz and with SSD drives.

      • Hi Bala, Then I need to buy new laptop? Actually my laptop ram size is 4 GB DDR3. Is it enough or else I need to increase more ram for installation? I’m trying to install in Oracle Linux 6.4 x86-64 bit os. Also, shall I get hardware configuration details need to install Oracle Apps R12.2 by using latest start CD 51? Thanks & Regards, Yogeshwaran.G

  2. So, need to change laptop completely?

    or else i need to increase ram,

    shall i get minimun hardware requirements for installing R12.2 using StartCD51?

    • Yogesh,

      First of all, I dont suggest Laptop for R&D. R12.2 wont run on with 8GB RAM with traditional HDD. If you really want to run EBS on laptop then go for high end laptop with 12GB RAM 5th Generation i7 Intel Processor with 2.7GHz-3.00GHz with 1TB SSD.

      Other option is go for Desktop.


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