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Hello Everyone.

In this post I will introduce you too a utility to view Weblogic Log Files. As we know in R12.2, MiddleTier is managed by  Weblogic, to view big log files it is not that easy to view in putty.

The Weblogic Log Viewer tool can be useful for traversing log files and aid in quickly finding error messages within large log files.

You can download this tool from here

Download the Tool and set the application environment.

How to Use this tool.


29-10-2013 11-36-39

Choose the log file

29-10-2013 11-37-44


Select and open the log file

29-10-2013 11-39-36


29-10-2013 11-39-58

Now click on TimeStamps….

29-10-2013 11-40-17



You can see log based on time stamps

29-10-2013 11-45-18

Hope this post helps you.

Thanks to Paulo Albuquerque



Posted October 29, 2013 by balaoracledba.com in R12.2, Weblogic

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