R12.2 If system crashes when adop is running   Leave a comment

When system crashes when adop is running adop fails to update the status in the internal repository

The next attempt to run adop will give the following error.

Error: Unable to continue as already another user is using adzdoptl.pl.
Previous session exist, cannot continue as per user input.

Workaround: Update the internal adop repository table for the latest session setting the status to completed.

Run the following statement to find out the session that is in running state:

SQL>select adop_session_id from ad_adop_sessions where status='R';

Set the status to 'C' (Completed) for that session, to re-try the phase that was interrupted:

SQL>update ad_adop_sessions set status='C' where status='R;


And try again!!!


Posted October 25, 2013 by balaoracledba.com in OracleAppsR12, R12.2

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