Managers down – Status show “Target node/queue unavailable   5 comments

Concurrent Managers Status shows  ”Target node/queue unavailable”  in Concurrent–>Manager–>Administer Screen form.




Ensure Database is Running and Middle Tier Services are down.

Connect SQLPLUS as APPS user and run the following :




  • Run AutoConfig on all tiers, firstly on the DB tier and then the APPS tiers and webtier to repopulate the required systemtables
  • Run the CMCLEAN.SQL script from the referenced note below (don’t forget to commit).
  • Note.134007.1 – ‘CMCLEAN.SQL – Non Destructive Script to Clean Concurrent  Manager Tables‘
  • Start the middle tier services including your concurrent manager.
  • Retest the issue.

5 responses to “Managers down – Status show “Target node/queue unavailable

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  1. Works great. Many thanks

  2. Implementing the solution and will update you once done

  3. not working, what part am i wrong?

  4. Please check whether application listener also beforehand. if it is up or not up then same issue we’ll get.
    After starting application listener, just bounce CM and the error should be resolved.

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