Concurrent Manager error:FND_DCP.REQUEST_SESSION_LOCK/DBMS_LOCK.Request resultCall to establish_icm failed/function FND_DCP   Leave a comment

You see the error in ICM LOG: Please see screeshot.




• Ensure Concurrent Managers are down.

Ensure no FNDLIBR process running

ps –ef|grep FNDLIBR (kill if any FNDLIBR or FNDSM is running)

• Run cmclea.sql ( commit is mandatory)

• Then Start the services –   apps/apps

• Now you can see Managers Up and running.

Some times even this wont resolve the issue. Then perform the below action plan

1. Stop all services and concurrent managers
2. Stop and restart the database

run CMCLEAN.sql again
3. Restart the services and concurrent managers
4. Verify if the issue remains

This is caused due to unclean shutdown and startup of concurrent manager service. Sometimes you will see database locks due to this issue, in this case its better to bounce the DB and run cmclean and start the services.

This will definitely resolve the issue.


Posted October 16, 2013 by in 11i/R12, Issues, OracleAppsR12

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