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Creating Pluggable Database using DBCA

In my previous post I have created pluggable database using script. Today i going to provide steps to create Pluggable Database Using DBCA


I am starting my database here.


When I query for the possible databases that are there, i got below output. I have already created one pluggable database TESTPDB1 earlier.


I tried to find out the datafiles that are there in my database. Here i can see only datafiles which got created with my container database and also i can see pluggable seeded datafiles., but i am not able to see the TESTPD1 pluggables database datafiles


To view the Pluggable Database datafiles, we need to open pluggable database TESTDB1





















Now here we are going to create another PLUGGABLE DATABASE TESTPDB2 using DBCA


To find the status of the created database:


TO view the Database files for all the databases



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