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In Release 12, Oracle E-Business Suite patches are grouped into codelines. A codeline begins with a point release (for example, Release 12.0) consisting of a unique set of product features, and progresses to include all the patches created to maintain that point release. The initial Release 12.0 point release introduced codelineA. Additional point releases introduce new codelines, each identified by a unique letter. For example, Release 12.1 introduced codeline B, and Release 12.2 introduces codeline C.

Codelines and their associated codelevels ease the tracking of patch prerequisites, dependencies, and compatibilities.


Patches associated with codelines not only implement a set of product features for that point release, but also provide fixes to that set of features. This unique set of product features for a point release is referred to as a a codelevel, and assigned a unique number. The following diagram illustrates the relationship between codelines and codelevels in the context of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.

Further, codelevels identify patches for individual products. For example, if Oracle General Ledger (GL) is associated with your system, codelevel R12.GL.A.1 is the first set of fixes to codelevel R12.GL.A, R12.GL.A.2 is the second, and so on. Codelevels are cumulative – each one contains the initial set of features plus all the fixes created to date for that product or product family.



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