Shared APPS:Login into Oracle Applications is Very slow   1 comment

When apache log files are not in local disks, we might see some situations where the response time for the application is a lot longer than normal. For example, taking 5 to 10 minutes to login.

In this situation, although the response time is long, there is very little cpu consumption in any tier

This is due to INST_TOP configured on shared location. On Shared APPS Tier all the INST_TOP’s should be configured on NFS(on Shared Storage).

To avoid this INST_TOP can be configured on local Storage or LockFile  and OpmMtxFile files should be in local disk

Note: sometimes, OpmMtxFile will be commented out, but you would see files named like opm_sys_mtx and opm_sys_shm written to $LOG_HOME.

Make changes in httpd.conf or change the INST_TOP Location in Application context file to localdisk and then run autoconfig.

NOTE: IF you are configuring PCP then make sure you configure $APPLCSF,$APPLPTMP,$APPLTMP on shared file system.


Posted October 3, 2013 by in Issues, OracleAppsR12

One response to “Shared APPS:Login into Oracle Applications is Very slow

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  1. We are facing the same issue but unfortunately we are not using shared apps as overall application binaries are at local disk like ‘/d01’ but still a lot of slowness at login process. Please guide me how to rectify this issue. we have R12.2.4 application.

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