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There are a three different modes in which adpatch can be run and few options I can provide while we are applying the patches.

Different Modes are:

i. apply=no
11. preinstall=Y
iii. non interactive mode

If you are applying a large number of patches, use the options nocompilejsp, nocompiledb, noprereq, and novalidate to speed up the application of the patches.

Recompiling Java Server Pages (JSP) pages and database objects can be performed at the end of the patching process. We can even avoid these compiling of jsp’s and database objects using different options

The following Modes and options will give clear idea about the advanced patching.

Test Mode:

Test mode will display all the files adpatch will replace and the actions it will take, but does not actually apply the patch. The syntax for using this mode is as below
$ adpatch apply=no

Pre-AutoInstall Mode:
There are times when Oracle may require the install of a patch before running AutoInstall to install or upgrade Oracle Applications. The patch usually updates AutoInstall itself or one of the utilities it calls during the installation. The syntax for this mode is:
$ adpatch preinstall=y

Non Interactive Mode:
For running adpacth in this mode we need to be create an AutoPatch defaults file, which contains information for running adpatch against the different drivers.

Adpatch different Options:
The options can be used to enable or disable certain functions during application of the patch. For example, you may want to prevent compiling jsp’s and Database objects
during the application of a patch. The syntax for this would be:
$ adpatch options=nocomilejsp,nocompiledb
Most of the cases we follow the bellow Options to reducing downtime for the Application patch in oracle applications.

Novalidate : Prevents adpatch from validating all schema connections
Noprereq : Prevents adpatch from checking the existence of prerequisite patches
Nocompiledb : Prevents adpatch from compiling database objects
Nocompilejsp : Prevents adpatch from compiling JSP objects
Noautoconfig : Prevents adpatch from running autoconfig
Nogenerateportion : Prevents adpatch from compiling forms, menus, and plls
Hidepw : Prevents passwords from being displayed in log files
Hotpatch : Allows adpatch to be run when the instance is not in maintenance mode


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